Raising the Bar 2013
Making the Grade for Adolescent Sexual  Health in Colorado

Raising the Bar 2013: Making the Grade in Adolescent Sexual Health in Colorado

October 24 & 25, 2013

American Mountaineering Center

710 10th St.

Golden, CO 80401

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Raising the Bar Conference 2013 is extra special since we’re celebrating our 25th Anniversary. Over the past 25 years, our Raising the Bar conference has been one critical way that Colorado Youth Matter profiles the latest research and practice in the field of youth sexual health. 

This year’s Raising the Bar Conference has four main focus areas, the spheres of influences outlined in CDPHE's Youth Sexual Health in Colorado: A Call to Action (Click here to view the Call to Action):

1. Individual Youth Development: This focus area provides capacity building based upon evidence-based or promising programs or best practices for teen pregnancy, STI and HIV/AIDS prevention and positive youth development. It takes into account personal skills, knowledge and behaviors of each individual young people such as goal-setting and decision making.

2. Family and Relationships: This focus area provides tools and resources for families, friends and other trusted adults to be askable adults on sexual health for young people.

3. Communities: This focus area provides attendees with the tools and resources to support young people in Colorado. It includes highlighting inclusivity and developing approaches for youth engagement. Primary audiences are local resources and support such as health services, family support services, schools, after school programs, and media and the impact they have on the sexual health development of young people.

4. Policies and Systems: This focus area examines health policies, administrative decisions, and education and economic policies at federal, state and local levels that impact adolescent sexual health. It also consists of developing advocacy and leadership skills.

Raising the Bar 2013 Conference Learning Objectives:

1. Increase knowledge and skills about age-appropriate, LGBTIQA, and culturally inclusive health services and health education for teens.

2. Increase knowledge and skills around advocating for effective policies and programs and being a community leader.

3. Increase skills to educate and build community support for sexual health education resources and services.

4. Identify evidence -based approaches for promoting positive sexual health outcomes for youth.