Raising the Bar 2013
Making the Grade for Adolescent Sexual  Health in Colorado

About Us


Colorado Youth Matter actively engages Colorado communities to promote the healthy sexual and reproductive development of all teens and advance the well-being of parenting teens.

Guiding Principles


Colorado Youth Matter's work builds on the strengths and capacities of community partners. CYM individualizes its services and approaches to compliment the unique needs and assets of communities, families and individuals.

Excellence in Service

Colorado Youth Matter will demonstrate excellence to its partners and the public in, but not limited to, ethical communication and responsiveness.  Colorado Youth Matter's internal and external practices demand quality products, accountability, equity and transparency.

Cultural Competency

Colorado Youth Matter works effectively and with integrity in cross-cultural settings.  To that end, Colorado Youth Matter invests resources and time to build knowledge, awareness and sensitivity in its work with communities and individuals from diverse cultures.

Social Justice

Colorado Youth Matter recognizes that social and power inequalities are barriers to the positive reproductive and sexual health of teens.  Colorado Youth Matterpromotes social change and systems that tackle the root causes of inequality.  Colorado Youth Matter's work integrates solutions that offer meaningful opportunities for communities and self-determination for individuals.


What We Do


Support Youth Serving Organizations and Local Communities

  • Train and build capacity to select, implement and evaluate prevention programs
  • Facilitate community meetings to discuss and identify ways to proactively address preventing teen pregnancy and HIV/STD, and supporting teen parents
  • Support local Colorado communities and organizations in their efforts to raise awareness about teen health issues in their region 

Enhance Understanding & Use of Science-Based Approaches to Prevention

  • Provide intensive technical assistance with youth serving organizations to increase their capacity to use logic models, planning and evaluation, and fundraising efforts to support science-based programs for teen pregnancy prevention
  • Provide online tools and offer statewide training on components of science-based approaches, programs that work, and promising programs
  • Serve as a link to and networking partner with national trainers on science-based approaches and science-based programs

Disseminate Research and Data on Teen Sexual Health

  • Share current research and data related to teen sexual health
  • Provide yearly updates on pregnancy and STD rates among populations of Colorado teens

Advocate for Teens, Parenting Teens, and Their Families

  • Support parents of teens by providing resources about talking to teens about sex
  • Support teens by informing them of their rights and responsibilities related to their sexual health and well-being
  • Support parenting teens by linking them to support services in their area
  • Advance policies and programs that support the healthy development of parenting teens and their children
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